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TAB   "El Menosprecio De La Injuria"  -  13  COMMENTS  -  PAGE 1
El Menosprecio De La Injuria      [GP4]   [54 hits]   [Version: 1]   [Id: 105605]
Artist: Open Competition Feb 2009
File Size: 58.8 KB     Number of Tracks: 10
Submitted by: Kraken  (All tabs)  on 10 Feb 2009 22:21, commenting:
Thanks for listen, sorry my redaction, so so English.
Validated by eowyn on 11 Feb 2009 10:28


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Well, this song is a bit of a mixed package.

My favorite part by far is the verses, something about the small, frequent lead guitar part I really like, I can't quite put my finger on it. The rest is... average, I guess. You had some good ideas, but they weren't executed in exactly the best way. Like stockle said, the guitar solo could have been better, but I think you'll get better.

3 stars.

Posted by Quibokk  {{ 16 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 12 Feb 2009 17:46

Rated as: Unrated
Honestly the best part of this song for me is the drum fills you do... that's a good thing in regards to the drumming, but it shows that the song lacks a lot of coherence.

Melodically it sounds pretty decent, but the rhythmic patterns for your leads are all over the place, the entire thing sounds so busy and disjointed at times with the vocals and the lead lines that it just confuses me.

It seems like the vocals and guitar leads just do not accentuate any beats very well, the pulse of this song is extremely weak, and the entire thing is not excellently mixed, I get a loooooooot of reverb, it sounds noisy to me.

The interlude, although extremely simple, was pleasant to listen to. Probably the first part where I wasn't straining to hear some sort of coherence.

The repeat intro for some reason sounded better than the intro did, I enjoyed that part very much.

Verse 3 is just way too busy again and then my focus gets lost amidst a wall of noise, chords and melodies and harmonies just get lost in the mix and make a jumble, like you painted a very nice landscape, and then proceeded to draw so much trees and houses and people everywhere that it becomes cluttered, and the beauty is lost.

The keyboard solo is a part which starts off sounding great and all the added melodies end up detracting again, like the vocals.

The outro is a cool way to end, a fadeout but it actually ends in punches, I liked that.

Overall, work on your rhythm, and give each melody a place to breathe! There's too much stuff going on to make it memorable and it comes off unorganized, and unmemorable.

I wish I could give more because this song has potential, but really as it is, it's uninspiring.

2.5 stars.

Posted by JazzDeath  {{ 22 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 12 Feb 2009 22:35

Rated as: Unrated
I did not like the intro for the left hand on piano, it just seemed too deep to fit with the right hand. But when the guitars came in I found that the problem had almost vanished. The lead up to Verse 1 I found to be nice and set the mood.

The verses to me just sound a bit too cluttered. Too many things playing their own thing made it a bit difficult to focus on a certain melody. The guitar solo fitted the song well and led into the interlude very well. the repeat intro sounded better with the keyboard playing in the background.

The keyboard solo did sound good, but it seemed a little vague for the song. The outro ends the song nicely and has been constructed well for this song.


Posted by apzrman  {{ 7 tabs / 3 corrections }}  on: 22 Feb 2009 05:07

Rated as: Unrated
This song was depressing. I felt this song never really got going and was repetitive. I agree with apzrman that the piano intro was odd; far too much deep bass. It was also too long IMO. The guitar solo was very tame. The interlude slowed the whole thing down on an already slowish song. The "Riff" sections didn't feel like riffs at all. The acoustic track didn't do anything for the song either. There was nothing that stood out.

Posted by blackiel  {{ 0 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 22 Feb 2009 14:52

Rated as: 
I don't like this song. I find it slow and boring with nothing that increases my attention on it.
As in other songs, I would suggest panning the hands that plays the piano.
It deserves 3 stars because of the composition.


Posted by MNC_Metal  {{ 4 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 24 Feb 2009 02:41

Rated as: Unrated
All the instruments seems very flat and little dynamic. It basically seems uninspired and it doesn't bring any inspiration to the listener. The melodies are boring, the tempo is too low, and both bass and drums are annoying and way too basic. I realize that you've tried to create a calming atmosphere, but you ended up making something so laid back that it doesn't make an impression what so ever, it's just something that plays in the background. You need to work on details on drums and bass, and PLEASE do something about that acoustic guitar, it sounds like it's played by a 2 year old. You'll need alot more hooks and interesting melodies, maybe then it could be what you wanted it to be. good try, but not quite up there yet


Posted by Shade Of Blue  {{ 15 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 27 Feb 2009 11:39

Rated as: 
I have to be honest... I didnt like this song from the beginning. The piano intro it’s bad. I think the piano throughout the whole song is bad, sorry. The song itself its awfuly repetitive, if it wasnt for the “interlude”, it would be the same stuff over and over again. All the parts but the intro use the same chord progression, and that cant be good. Next time try to add different parts, with different rythms.

Rating 2

Posted by Todo Winterwolf  {{ 11 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 27 Feb 2009 17:45

Rated as: Unrated
The piano intro is too random, it would take me like a million years to remember it and play it. H_armonicaly this song ain't bad, the mood is depressive as hell, but the rythmic pattern is just the same all the way through and that makes it a little boring to the listener. I didn't like the bridge, it didn't fit at all with the rest of the song and the interlude was way too simple compared to the previous part, it was like a sudden stop. Then everything goes the same.
I feel there's a lack of new stuff, new melodies here, the verse is like all the song, except for the ramdom intro and the one-bar-bridge.

Rate: 2.0, this song is the same from the begining to the end.

Posted by Daslaf  {{ 22 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 28 Feb 2009 15:42

Rated as: 
I like the intro. The pauses with the piano are very nice. Bridge was good and it was an excellent lead in the verse. There are good and bad things about the verses.

First good things. Your vocals were nice. Usually I don't like vocal written through this program but you pulled it off nicely. Drums and bass were also nice. However the verse has negatives aspects to it. The rhythm guitar seemed to through things off. It would have worked out better if you had two strums instead of three before the rest. I also could not here the piano two well during the verses.

Having two verses together made it easy to lose interest. So the solo was welcomed with open arms. It had the right notes but not flow or rhythm if you will. The interlude was okay it seemed sudden but fitting. Verse 3 was nothing new.

Keyboard solo didn't stick out at all it was nice but it seemed more like an accompaniment than a solo.

The outro was nice no real complaints about it. You have a lot of good ideas and sounds with this song but I wouldn't call it finished. You should revisit when you get more writing experience and listen to it and improve on parts you see fitting.

Posted by daniel9388  {{ 33 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 01 Mar 2009 01:58

Rated as: 
Kraken – El Menosprecio De La Injuria

The first thing i thought when listening to the song was that the piano sounded really random rhythmically, like it had no direction. The breaks like the one in bar 11 are really awful, and breaks the flow (no pun intended). You seem to have tried to do repeating parts every 5 and 3 bar, 5 in the intro and 3 in the verses. Maybe the song would have flowed a little better if you removed the breaks and maybe changed the 5 to 4. The 3 actually works pretty fine, but that’s because the chord progression goes in circles. Up until the guitar solo the song is going really slow, and nothing is happening. Uninspired melodies on top of a kind of stale backing. The guitar solo starts out ok, but doesn’t really go anywhere, and again it seems very stale and static. Then the song repeats again, with the same repetitive stuff again, followed by a nice little change of pace with the keyboard solo, even though that one again didn’t seem so good. The melodic ideas are very fragmented, and the solo goes nowhere during its duration.

Throughout the song I’m also thinking to myself that the constant 8th note rhythm has me thinking the song is even more monotonous and repetitive. Maybe with some rhythmic variety the song would come across a little more enjoyable.

Anyway, to end the rant I just want to say you seem to have an ear for making music with a mood, so just keep working at it. Just try to add more variety to the different parts, and make sure the parts flow and connect well. You show promise.

Rating: 1.5

Posted by Beckkill  {{ 11 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 02 Mar 2009 08:58

Rated as: 
Kraken – El Menosprecio De La Injuria

What do we have here... this is a hell of a “huge” song that actually falls under the sheer burden of the feel it's conjuring. You conjure this massive, depressive mood, and the song kinda implodes due to a lack of substance, anything that would make it memorable... and not just crushingly, bluntly depressive. What do we actually have that's trying to act as substance, so to say? All the melodies are disturbing in their simplicity, the piano intro had me feeling uneasy, the verse vocals – even more so. No offense, but it feels like a bunch of random notes with an off-kilter rhythm (especially the verse vocals). The guitar solo follows a similar path... the coolest thing about it was the opening note.

Then we have the interlude transition... very abrupt, even “jagged” in a way. The synth ain't bad tho, could have left it to do a touch more action under the piano (which somehow feels slightly better now, don't ask me how). The keys solo shows some promise... has some cool moments... but I'd scalp you for bar 102 if you were within my reach. The outro was very enigmatic, I daresay... is that a fade? A normal ending? Left me scratching my head and pondering it...

Summing up... the piece was a hell of an enigma, left me kinda confused at times, trying to decipher it... you have potential to write intriguing stuff, and conjure a very powerful mood, I'll happily see ya develop :]

Rating: 1,5 stars

Posted by RumpyTheRubbuhChikin  {{ 30 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 04 Mar 2009 16:56

Rated as: 
Kraken - El Menosprecio De La Injuria
Where to begin, well, the intro perhaps. This is a nice intro, it sets a mood directly, I think this is
good, the song doesn't really evolve, but who said it had to? Some nice orchestrations in there too,
Not only the intro. Well, the main complaint I have is the fact there is a bit too much going on, and it
removes quite a lot from the impression. Some parts didn't fit too well with eachother, but this seems
to be something that you'll learn soon enough. It seems like you wanted to much with this song,
"simplify" and it will be better

- originality: Quite original
- composition technique: Not removing the Tabulature-bar from non-fretted tracks, not connecting
the various parts that good.
- rhythm: The bass isn't fun to listen to, the drums pull their weight good enough, some nice fills
here and there.
- appropriate key signature: Yes
- song structure: Except for a really memorable part, this song seems to be structured quite well.
- quality of notation/tablature: -See composition technique- otherwise no real errors, nothing special
either way.
- orchestration: Except being too crowded, nice effects.
- use and respect of musical language: Yes
- use and quality of
Melody = Not enough space, this is with the vocals included.
Hooks = No, no real hooks.
Solos = Average
Riffs = Not good enough.
- mix of instruments and panning: Not that great, gives a crowded impression.
- general use of the GP software: Good


Posted by Generis Humani  {{ 53 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 06 Mar 2009 05:59

Rated as: 
Alright. The pianos seems to clash a bit for me in the beginning, but that's not a big deal really. Everything's cool, until we hit Verse 1. Chaos. I mean, it has fantastic potential, but you added 1 or 2 too many instruments. I mean, cut a few out, and it would be a great melodramatic, epic ending to a song, but this is really only the beginning. Whenever i try to think back at this verse, all that plays in my head is a cluttered bunch of melodies. Things thin out at the solo, but i didn't think the solo to be all that great, nor the backing instruments. Then it's back to riff's we've heard and I've commented on. Then we get to the keyboard solo. The keyboard solo really sounds lost here, like it doesn't know what to do with itself. It's kinda going everywhere. Then it's that same transition bar, and the outro. Once again, pretty cluttered, and the fade-out-but-not-so-fadeout was kinda weird for me, wasn't sure what to think of that.
Rating: 2

Posted by UpZeIrons  {{ 0 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 08 Mar 2009 18:04

Rated as: Unrated
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