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TAB   "Sagacity"  -  9  COMMENTS  -  PAGE 1
Sagacity      [GP5]   [190 hits]   [Version: 1]   [Id: 105699]
Artist: Ambient Competition March 2009
File Size: 50.5 KB     Number of Tracks: 8
Submitted by: Quibokk  (All tabs)  on 11 Mar 2009 05:21, commenting:
Not sure what style this is... a bit of synthy piano prog/ambience - I hope the ambience comes across...
This was composed in a hurry, so I hope it still seems to be a quality piece...

Validated by Generis Humani on 11 Mar 2009 06:07


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Hmm... where to start with this one.

Nice intro. That really started to set a mood, but my problem with this song is that the ideas are all too short, and there are way too many into a small time frame in my opinion, to really set and define a mood, and bring me somewhere else. It's a good song, but you can tell it was written quickly, the transitions are not polished, some of the lead piano lines are great, some not so much...

The simple bass and drums are pretty cool, they're effective and fitting.

The Pre part before the chorus seems sloppy to me.

Also the song's ideas seem to change much too quickly, you could have repeated and made variations upon the parts in my opinion.

My absolute favorite part was at bar 68, but yet again, the switch out of it seems out of place, the idea is much too short, and before it sticks in your head, it dissapears.

The entire song just seems to... fade away much before it makes a lasting impression, as if it was... in a hurry to get itself over with, and submitted to a competition ;).

Take some time to rework this song, and I think it could be a great theme, but right now, it's rushed, and it's very rough around the edges. Certainly for an ambient piece.

Posted by JazzDeath  {{ 22 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 12 Mar 2009 03:11

Rated as: Unrated
You said you expected crazy stuff from me, well I thought you'd compose something extremely calm and soothing, but it's not the case at all.

Intro oscillates between the "adventurous" in the first bars, then slightly creepy, then slightly sad in the verse, but there's always some great energy flowing throughout, and that's a very pleasant surprise. The Pre- and the Chorus didn't really get my attention, not a very "chorusy" sound (it sounded more like a pre-solo actually), but then you do something completely different - piano solo! Oh yeah! Especially bar 38, that's epic win. The Verse is very good too, once again focused on the piano with great chords.

But after that, it's another Pre- and Chorus (once again, pretty unnoticeable), and then... Outro? Already?! And, even if it keeps a great groove in the beginning, bar 72 feels like a "sudden braking", it left me in shock (metaphorically of course). After I recovered from that, though, there was still time to enjoy another excellent chord in the very last bar.

Overall, you said it yourself and I couldn't agree more: this song is way too short for what it is. And while I enjoyed it while it lasted, it doesn't end well: rather than resolving it in a satisfying way, you brought it to a sudden stop, kinda like a storyteller that suddenly says "Ok, I have to go so they lived happily ever after - THE END" - get it?

So, it's a 3.5 from me... but there's 4.5 potential in this song, my suggestion is to try and develop it a bit more, just pick up on bar 71 and work from there.

Posted by |_JR_|  {{ 13 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 17 Mar 2009 04:39

Rated as: Unrated
Thanks, JR - and you too, JazzDeath - I'm planning on resubmitting this later on, just as a general tab, after I've properly edited it to its potential. Hope you guys give me a comment for the "full" version as well. ;)

Posted by Quibokk  {{ 16 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 17 Mar 2009 05:24

Rated as: Unrated
Quibokk – Sagacity

Wow lol, Electric Six :P sorry, I just couldn't resist, because somehow the song just radiates a very specific air from it, and I'm sniggering, recalling that it's been a while since I put those guys on. Bad news though – I never, ever considered Electric Six to be even remotely ambient. This is a cool electronic song, but not ambient at all... well, the intro shows a little promise, but then you go all crotch disco on it (expecting a fire at the Taco Bell soon... oops, was that a fire truck going by my window?), and then just full out murder it with the piano. Find me one ambient track with even a tenth of those piano notes you managed to tuck in there. You'd do well in an Electric Six comp, but for now it's not happening...

Rating: 3.5 stars

Posted by RumpyTheRubbuhChikin  {{ 30 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 17 Mar 2009 14:16

Rated as: 
The intro was great. But then it unexpectedly turned into a non-ambient song. It was upbeat and not atmospheric. It was too busy and unpeaceful IMHO. The piano was in your face and too loud. The drum beat was inappropriate for this type of song. The song was also too short. It just didn't fit at all, sorry.

Posted by blackiel  {{ 0 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 18 Mar 2009 16:43

Rated as: 
Quibokk – Sagacity

The tune is ok, but for an ambient comp it just doesn’t fly. Most of the time it’s just way too upbeat and features crazy fast lead lines which shouldn’t be able to be found in an ambient song in my opinion.

If it wasn’t an ambient comp this would get a better rating, but for now it’s just too much all over the place. Really… a piano solo with constant 32nd notes pretty much and not to mention the outro which is the same?... And that’s not even taking account of the absence of a well developed mood and the upbeat feel that is present throughout most of it. Just doesn’t work.

The piano solo is ok though looking at it alone – the same is true for most of the other parts in the song, except the annoying 32nd note stuff in the outro. You just fail to put the stuff together in an efficient way and most of all you fail to realize what creates an ambient mood.

Rating – 2.5

Posted by Beckkill  {{ 11 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 27 Mar 2009 12:28

Rated as: 

Humm... ambient?? Not sure, but let’s forget that... for now...

You said you wanted us to help you imrpove this song, I say you don’t have to improve it. If this was a open genre comp, I would definitely give it at least a 4. I love the “disco” kind of style you have in some parts (bars 29-30 for example). Another great part is the second verse. Great work on the piano there. Btw, the only part that I liked in the piano solo is bars 36-37, not that I hate the rest of it, but you get the idea...I also liked the disturbing mood in the outro.

Now with the sad part. Before I asked Jazz what was ambient (that’s before I wrote my song), I would have said this might fit the genre, but now I dont think so. There’s too much going on to really relax while listening to it. Sorry.

Oh, did I already say... How the **** did you wrote this 24 hours before the submission deadline!???? Ahem... So it is great song – doesnt fit very well genre...


Posted by Todo Winterwolf  {{ 11 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 31 Mar 2009 21:48

Rated as: Unrated


Posted by Todo Winterwolf  {{ 11 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 31 Mar 2009 21:48

Rated as: Unrated
Quibokk - Sagacity

I like this song but really, I can't see the ambient thing here. The first thing that came to my mind when I listened to the intro and first verse was: "Am I listening to U.K. covering Europe's Final Countdown?? xD", well I know that's impossible cause U.K. was already gone when Europe released The Final Countdown, so that's a bad joke and I'll just stop xD.

Now seriously, the work on the keys and the piano is amazing, they create a marvelous atmosphere but the piano gets to bussy for an ambient piece. Intro and verse are fine, though verse still feels like a part of the intro, in fact everything seems to be intro 'till the piano solo, which is completely amazing, and I won't consider the fact that you got the idea from Hugo's Winter Wine xD.

I really like this stuff but as I said I can't find a conection with ambient music here, this song has too much variations for its length, every part here ain't performed the same way 'twas performed before, so the problem is that you couldn't build a spot, an atmosphere with your music for the listener to drift. And the Piano lines are so good that they take all the attention, in fact, I feel this song as a little piano concerto with a synth rock orchestra on the back.

Rate: 2.5, I would give you 3.5 if this were an open competition, but the song doesn't fit with the style at all.

Posted by Daslaf  {{ 22 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 02 Apr 2009 13:58

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