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TAB   "Extinctio Sacrificare"  -  7  COMMENTS  -  PAGE 1
Extinctio Sacrificare      [GP5]   [293 hits]   [Version: 1]   [Id: 105701]
Artist: Ambient Competition March 2009
File Size: 36.9 KB     Number of Tracks: 7
Submitted by: Todo Winterwolf  (All tabs)  on 12 Mar 2009 15:23, commenting:
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Extinctio Sacrificare - Todo Winterwolf

I definately do like this - just a few little problems - but STILL good. A very foreboding song here - I like this done in a subtle style - like what has been done here.

Loved the main theme. The little touches you have throughout the piece are excellent. Bar 43 tickled my fancy. Climax at bar 60 was well handled - it wasn't overwhelming.

However, I honestly do feel like from bar 69 onwards is another song. I would've still liked the song without the sudden change in mood there. Seemed like just a space filler to make the song longer...

It was a strange ending. I don't think the instant cutting out was necessary - it was a little jarring. You could've just let the note "naturally" end. Although, that's just what I *would* prefer - no doubt you had your reasons...

Overall, the song was above average in my book - could've been better - but you were in a hurry like me, so it was understandable. ;)

Posted by Quibokk  {{ 16 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 16 Mar 2009 05:57

Rated as: Unrated
Firstly, please use markers! I loved the first 23 bars, which were an excellent intro to this song. The backbeat was great with the synth bass. Bar 43/44 excellent change of atmosphere. Then bar 52 was nicely back on track with the atmosphere. Keys II added great syncopation at bar 60. I have to agree with Quibokk that from bar 68, it gave the wrong feeling and spoilt what was, up to that point, really good. Outro was awful IMO... sorry.

Posted by blackiel  {{ 0 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 16 Mar 2009 16:54

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Todo Winterwolf – Extinctio Sacrificare

Well, somebody surprised me! You grew in this one, my friend :] I was expecting a wall of cheddar synthing and nothing interesting at all, and... surprise! We are treated to a nice, guitar-driven (well, so I perceived it at least, that it did a lot of action) ditty that gets a little killed towards the end. I don't really have much to say because it's an ambient song, and ambient songs are supposed to be substanceless :P got a cool, dark vibe from it at times. Well done.

Rating: 4 stars

Posted by RumpyTheRubbuhChikin  {{ 30 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 17 Mar 2009 14:14

Rated as: 
It took me longer to write this comment than the others because when I listened to this I immediately thought "hmm... 3.5", but couldn't really justify it, because the song is well composed (my favourite stuff is the electronic drums, those sound great) it has some very good ambience, oscillating between the introspective and the slightly creepy, and, even if the musical ideas in it aren't exceedingly original (pretty standard C minor progressions), there were some cool details that helped it not feel like something I'd heard before, especially bars 43-46 (creepiness! plus, sticking a E major progression in a C minor scale is a weird thing to do, but it actually sounds right here) and 32-33 with the sincopated keys.

I will have to go with the others and mention the ending doesn't fit with the rest of the song, the mood changes too abruptly to sound pleasant. I did like bars 81-83 though - return of the creepiness :D

So, why 3.5? I don't know, guess that, although I enjoyed it, it didn't really "click" with me. I wish you had explored the creepy mood a little further, maybe go more dramatic in some places, that probably would have helped. And definitely change the ending.

Posted by |_JR_|  {{ 13 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 22 Mar 2009 13:55

Rated as: Unrated
Seems I hadn't submitted the comment I had written before, sorry about that Todo.

Anyway, my thoughts about this song... It's a very pleasant song, with many pretty cool parts, nice buildup... the drums were very cool especially the intro. idea...

One thing I've noticed with you, and a few other competitors, maybe it's just me, but I like ideas in ambient music to really be exploited, like when the keys come in at bar 16, that starts a cool off mood, which could have been exploited a bit more, but it just dissapears off to be forgotten. Makes me wonder, and it could have been cool if you either, made it a bit longer, made a little theme from it, or if throughout the song, you had several little measures of that kind of idea, that would have been cool too.

Same thing with the keys at bar 32, too short.

Bar 43 comes off as a total rumpy-style weird ass ring chord, which anticipates a dissonant feeling... again, this part, I feel had something really cool to it coming out, but, not exploited, a bit too short, and a bit of dancing between dissonant, consonant, minor, major, it seems unsure of what it'S trying to accomplish.

Then the ending... I thought bar 69 was thrown in uselessly.... I think honestly, as a composer, what you need to concentrate on isn't what your songs are missing, as much as what your songs have that isn't necessary. You often throw in these different ideas, these riffs, which seem to harm the general feeling of the song, and I feel with a bit of working out this song could have been amazing, but, it seems unsure of itself.

3.5 stars from me, still, good song. I enjoyed it a lot, one of my favorites from you.

Posted by JazzDeath  {{ 22 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 24 Mar 2009 11:48

Rated as: Unrated
Todo Winterwolf - Extinctio / Sacrificare

A very good offering. You seemed to stay pretty ambient throughout most of the song, no useless soloing or fast stuff which would not fit in with the ambience.
The chord progressions projected the mood nicely for a most part.

The part at 43-46 where you seemingly mix together two key signatures at the same time worked rather well! But on the other hand I don’t think it would have fitted too much to continue this idea, it seemed to flow pretty ok.

The one major “UGH” in this song is the part at 69. It definitely has no place in this song. You should learn when parts doesn’t fit in with the rest of the material you have. Also the outro chord was handled pretty bad in my opinion.

All in all pretty good tune though.

Rating 4.0

Posted by Beckkill  {{ 11 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 27 Mar 2009 12:25

Rated as: 
Todo WinterWolf - Extinctio / Sacrificare

This is actually a good song but there are a couple of things, little details, that really stands above the rest of the song in a bad way. Taking a look at the whole picture, mixing wasn't very appropiate through the whole song, first of all percussions were too loud and really made me lose the focus on what was happening with the acoustic guitar. In the end this turned to be really annoying, trying to enjoy the music and get into the mood of the song with all this things happening really loud on the drumkit. Then we have that little passage on bar 32, which I really didn't notice the first time I listened to the song. Same thing with the piano on bar 47: barely listenable.

There's something weird about cadence, you play that A# on bar 13 and then in the last beat you play a C, which really didn't fit at all (for me) with the mood and the harmony in that chord progression, it's completely out of place (I guess a G would have fit better) but finally you get used to it.

The little Guitar melody on 24 was too random, I mean, you hear it there and nowhere else in the song, maybe some variations of bars 24-25 on 28-29 would have helped. That arpeggio appears like something you would remember, and you guess you'll hear it later, but it fades quickly and ends in nothing.

What the hell is that stuff from 44 to 46?? Look, I enjoyed that part but it really stands out, and ruins completely the mood and the feeling of drone desperation and anguish into a cheesy kind of madness xD. If that was what you were trying to do, well done, but too short... it's just one frame in a whole movie, i don't know if I'm understood. And finally the outro really didn't make it, bad move.

Anyway, this is a pretty tight song, some passages are better pulled off than others, and there are this couple of things I mentioned before that doesn't help the song, but in the end the overall atmosphere here is awesome. I had the feeling of some kind of desperation, anguish and fear, and since that's what ambient music pretends, recreate feelings, emotions, atmospheres, make you evoke places, etc... you created a very good ambient piece =).

Rate: 4.0

Posted by Daslaf  {{ 22 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 02 Apr 2009 13:53

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