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TAB   "Destructive Interference"  -  8  COMMENTS  -  PAGE 1
Destructive Interference      [GP4]   [324 hits]   [Version: 1]   [Id: 105735]
Artist: Open Competition April 2009
File Size: 64.6 KB     Number of Tracks: 6
Submitted by: |_JR_|  (All tabs)  on 02 Apr 2009 03:34, commenting:
Don't put it too loud or your ears will turn into mushrooms.
Validated by Generis Humani on 02 Apr 2009 08:14


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Very nice. What is going on inside your head to create this? lol. What I liked about it was the unpredicatability of it. This would be good film or games music. The feel of the Interlude was so very different but superb. The gradual Re-entry brought me back to the madness very well. The best bit was the chorus, although I liked it all. Great job.

Posted by blackiel  {{ 0 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 06 Apr 2009 14:54

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Here's another mp3-convert:


Sounds a lot better than the MIDI I think.

Posted by |_JR_|  {{ 13 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 08 Apr 2009 08:04

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Woah!! sk with all those time signatures. I wonder if you heard the music in your head first, if that is the case...watch out neighbours! Good track with some killer riffs in crazy time signatures. Can't rate 3.5 out of 5 for me.

Posted by Jason Vearing  {{ 2 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 15 Apr 2009 19:39

Rated as: Unrated
Destructive Interference - |_JR_|

Well, it's quite obvious who your influence was for this particular song. I don't need to say anymore. :P
More and more people are picking up on this style - you guys are certainly fighting against the norm.

Good God I love that chorus. Simply brilliant. Hooking as hell - something one wouldn't expect from this genre.

Not sure about palm-muting on bass... then again, I'm not a bassist :P
Apart from that, bass is great, going all over the place, but still not REALLY going all over the place... (that didn't really make sense...)

Solo Section 2 stood out to me - with the use of the Rhodes and the screaming guitar. The Mighty Stupid Ending... fit superbly - wonder if everyone else will agree with me or not... well, I certainly thought it was a deserving end. Although, I couldn't STAND that "most important note." Damn that.

Great listen - this is as crazy as I expected you to be... plus more.

4 stars.

Posted by Quibokk  {{ 16 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 18 Apr 2009 08:08

Rated as: Unrated
|_JR_| - Destructive Interference

Immediate impression – for something that leaves little to nothing behind, this is a hell of a noisefest. Referring to name here. Congratulations on being a physics geek, but keep it away from music please :P now, on to the song in question... sorry, another digression coming up. When one day I returned home with a cheap Pratchett (my first and only) from the discount bin at the local book shop, my mom looked at it and claimed that it's “Tolkien for poor people”. Now, please, don't become offended, but you're Beckkill for poor people, plus irrational wank. You take certain elements of Beckkill's style, filter it through your perception, make it as catchy (and as resistant to sounding good outside of 4/4) as possible, add moronic shreddy leads all over the place, and a cooldown section, and tadaa, new |_JR_| tune. The piece feels very uneasy, you fail to take the best parts of each of the components and end up brewing what you do take into something that's neither too catchy, too Beckkill, nor too (good) shreddy. For people into all three of the married elements, the song will be an okay experience. For those that are uneasy with at least one of the components, the song will never impress. The trick with writing a successful, genre-defying song is to make each bit fit so well that even those usually uncomfortable with that specific type of music will nod their head in approval and admit the tidbit sounds really good in there. Not the case here... keep working. The rhodes solo, whilst out of the blue, kicked ass. You have serious potential, now do something with it. Kthx.

Rate: 2.5 stars

Posted by RumpyTheRubbuhChikin  {{ 30 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 18 Apr 2009 12:07

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Quite a festival of guitar acrobatics, yet lacking in substance...

Well as you join more and more competitions here your style is becoming more and more apparent, a discordant mix of guitar-hero antics a la satch/vai/petrucci and semi-dissonant prog metal.
You also seem very apt to using different techniques, such as fadeins, tremolo picking, whammy bar, pinch harmonics and all those little flavors you can add to the guitar playing.

I'll make a little sidenote though - in this song I consider some of the fade-in effect abusive, although at first it fits the theme, at one point it's just too much/on the other hand, the slap bass was my favorite part of this song.

You know from the intro I expected great things from this song. Maybe it gave me the impression of the song having a certain intention passed just being "messed up for the sake of it", but as time went on it seems the song lost the idea of direction (which you said you were quite angry when you started writing) for the sake of just "finishing a song" and adding several, gimmicky "cool" parts to it.

Don't get me wrong, this song is entirely listenable, and there are few parts I consider bad, but it ventures on the self-indulgent and gimmicky all too often to my tastes.

My issues with this song are not individual parts (microstructure) but the song as a whole itself (macrostructure) so I'll give you a rundown without analysing every single element.

The parts which for me seemed to transmit genuine feeling, and an intention, were:
Intro (in its entirety)
The Chorus (on first take - the acoustic line added to the repeat didn't add much, actually detracted slightly for me, it seems you actually lowered the volume of the acoustics so that you wouldn't hear its flaws, and this is generally not a good idea.)
Riff 2 (best bassline in the entire song)
Re-Intro (I liked this idea a lot)
Solo section 2 (Nice rhodes solo, actually the only solo I found entirely tasteful)

The parts which seemed empty and pointless, were:
Riff 1 (Guitar wanders aimlessly man, this is in no way interesting to listen to...)
Pre Chorus (This part isn't actually THAT bad, just too abrupt)
Break (The idea was good, but the problem is the notes you're using, the melody isn't very interesting - comes off as a novelty way of using the fadeout gimmick)
*Bar 66* (Actually, it didn't hurt anyone, just your solo)
Interlude (It's easier to achieve a melodic solo, over a more melodic chord progression...)
Solo section 2 guitars (The whammy bar stuff detracts instead of adds to the feeling)
Last little comment - Your drumming pulse is suitable but you fail to create a suitable cymbal line in many parts, your snare and bass drum punches are nice, work on adding some constants in your hi hat/ride work.

The ending is well, chaos central. And thanks for reminding me I should play Mario more often.

This song has nothing I would consider unlistenable, just parts that are not interesting to listen to, that lack substance and feel... and unfortunately I find this is more of a study of musical techniques over an art form - Work on feeling the music man, expressing yourself.

Best parts - Intro, Bass lines, that funky keyboard effect right before the chorus, rhodes solo
Worst parts - Riff 1, bar 66 (just... ugh) and Break

Final rating - 3 stars

(btw terry pratchett's discworld is awesome, kthx)

Posted by JazzDeath  {{ 22 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 05 May 2009 02:40

Rated as: Unrated
The song seems to not really have a purpose. I sit here listening to it but it all changes all the time, so its hard to know what your intention with the song really is. To me everything up to re-intro seems very unfocused and just try to accomplish too many things. Re- intro is followed by a solo section that actually keeps 1 riff throughout the solos, which help to make it feel slightly more focused, opposed to what you had. The mighty stupid ending was indeed stupid – please remove it :P
All in all you show potential as always, but this song is too much all over the place. And your guitar solos… you really need to work on them, for every new song I hear from you, your mindless shred style grows more boring tbh. It needs less wank, and more thought out note choices and phrases in a melodic context. At least that’s my advice. For this song take

Posted by Beckkill  {{ 11 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 15 May 2009 17:28

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|_JR_| - Destructive Interference
Oh dude what did you do! This is way to crazy for my taste, but I still managed to fight my way into liking some parts, such as the chorus, the solo section (the first one, the second one was good, but I had to listen it like three times to really listen it all, maybe that’s a problem with the midi) and the final solo. I didn’t like the melodic solo, it’s, ironically, way too “normal”. I did like the drums, same with the bass.
Rating: 2.5

Posted by Todo Winterwolf  {{ 11 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 15 May 2009 20:34

Rated as: Unrated
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