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TAB   "Apophis The Destroyer"  -  2  COMMENTS  -  PAGE 1
Apophis The Destroyer      [GP5]   [354 hits]   [Version: 1]   [Id: 106107]
Artist: Skeleton Competition July/August 2009
File Size: 395.5 KB     Number of Tracks: 11
Submitted by: JazzDeath  (All tabs)  on 03 Aug 2009 22:54, commenting:
Many 'skeleton mistakes' and disregard for time signatures, rate poorly.
Validated by eowyn on 07 Aug 2009 15:22

Rating:  Unrated

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Ok, you know you broke several rules with this song... which is a shame because forgetting skeleton issues, I found almost all of it great... :/ Step-by-step then:

[Intro] From the start you went for a triplet feel. Definitely a good idea, although my music theory knowledge is not enough to decide if those bars "are" in fact 4/4, or 6/8 or something. Nevermind that ;) This intro works very nicely, giving a big creepy soundscape feel. But I'm pretty sure changing the rhodes to harpsichord for main riff was against the rules... why not use the "other" track (which you actually deleted)?

[Main Riff] You let us know you had trouble adapting triplet feel to these time-signatures, but the final result is really good, it has a "stop-an-go" feel to it that I liked. Only observation is that bars 21/22 sound more like 5/8-5/8-2/8 than 6/8-6/8... a "dirty trick" that I probably used myself... bleh, shouldn't be bothering with this at all.

[Verse 1] Pretty much flawless. Loved the rhythm and the progression. You actually made the triplet feel fit all the way through this time, and work, great stuff.

[Chorus] Big, epic, powerful. Perhaps too busy? Well I liked it in the MIDI, don't know how it'd work in real life though... probabaly you weren't THAT worried about real life either.

[Guitar Solo] Only thing I can point out is the shrediness of it, kinda overdone I think. However, it keeps the big/epic/powerful feel of the chorus. Transition into Main Riff is not awesome, but works decently enough.

[Main Riff/Variations] You transformed the 7/8-9/8 sequence into a plain 4/4 basically. Again, I don't know enough theory to understand how ok or not this is. But nevermind, cool variation.

[Chipmunk Invasion] Ok, so you threw Chipmunk Invasion out of the window and replaced it with a Meteor Shower... I understand why you did it (chipmunks have no place in your song's theme) but it's still gonna cost ya. Interesting how you chose to slow down the 5/8 bar before for the transition, rather than speeding it up. Works well. But the tempo changes during this section didn't work so well in my GP5, was your idea to steadily slow down from 180 to 150 during the whole section? Nevermind that, forgetting the absence of chipmunks, it was good. Killer harpsichord.

[Verse 2] Basically the ideas of Verse 1 adapted to the new time-sig sequence. Works as well as before.

[Chorus 2/Intro Glimpse] Chorus is the same as before, still epic, but there's no intro glimpse whatsoever. Good transition/tempo change though, into the following section.

[Jam/Groove] Uuuuuuf big headache for me here... absolutely loved these sections (I still remember you talking about Dillinger Escape Plan earlier, and the influence shows) but, apart from maybe the usage of slap bass, there's nothing of "jam" or "groove" here, just really heavy, crazy, somewhat mathy black metal. Again, gonna cost ya. big time.

[Sax/Clarinet Solos] Apart from me having no idea how someone would play those crazy slides and stuff in a saxophone or clarinet in real life, these sounded really great.

[Heavy Riff 1/your choice Solo] Heavy Riff 1 is a small variation of what was meant to be the "groove", not much to say... great harpsichord solo.

[Heavy Riff 2] Is that a heavy riff? Well, it has the "heavy" feel to it, but it's still acoustic.. this comment is pathetic really, I have little to no musical crtiticism, it's just blabbering about the skeleton... although the transition back into main riff was far from great, you should have started preparing its introduction way before the very last heavy riff bar.

[Main Riff] Same as before + harpsichord. Works. The transition into final chorus you had in the early version of this was definitely funny... xD but you changed it to comply to the rules... you did well, and it still works pretty ok.

[Chorus 3] Same as before...

[Slow Solo/Outro] Probably the slow solo should have been slower... sure it's not overwhelmingly shreddy as the first one, but I think it was meant to be slower. Double-guitar harmony was interesting. You chose the intro theme to finish it off, and it worked really well.

Overall: Great song. Awesome song actually. But you purposely overlooked several of Rumpy's instructions to make it easier for you, so I have no other choice but to downrate a song that, in itself, is worth 4.5 stars, easy. Hope you don't get frustrated.

Rating: 3.0

Posted by |_JR_|  {{ 13 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 02 Sep 2009 14:53

Rated as: Unrated
Upon first listen, what impressed me the most was that you managed to write such a heavy song with a skeleton that required a Rhodes, a sax, a clarinet (and a groove section), but as it’s been pointed out, those instruments are used pretty much out of character - except for the sax solo, which is just incredible and actually ‘sounds’ like a sax – I’m sure there’s a way to pull off those slides :D.

Reviewing part by part: Very strong build up from the first bar to the chorus, even if the main riff starts to drag on a bit after a few bars. Bars 39-42 are especially awesome: I like very much the mix of upward and downward slides over the upward progression. - Chorus sounds like classic Black metal; it’d obviously sound better and fuller with vocals (Ihsahn type vocals!). The guitar solo that comes right after even sounds like something Ihsahn would do. Again, pretty solid stuff.

Main riff II and variation was a bit weaker than Main riff I, but mostly the “variation” part. I felt like the drums needed more backup in filling the rests left by the guitars (the bass and Rhodes aren’t really heard there), or even that the start & stop pattern should have ended around bar 84 or 85. – Bars 89-97: Really nice piano work there, but man, can you really do 32th notes on the BD at 180 ?! o_O – Verse II and Chorus II: nothing to add, except that yeah, there’s no intro glimpse that I can hear either at B.115.

Highly contrasting Jam section, but to throw that comparison once more, Ihsahn is one of my fav metal artist, and a contrasting middle section is something he does pretty often; ie, there’s nothing here that I don’t like! I’m sure he’d approve of the groove section, and especially of those slides!

So up to the clarinet solo, it’s just superb. From that solo on, unfortunately, it goes pretty much downhill. Clarinet solo sounds random and uninspired (you know, since it comes after that incredible sax solo). – Heavy riff I is good, of course (already heard riff almost unvaried). The piano part in between is good also, but it becomes flatter as it unfolds and really, I can’t figure why you decided to add a repeat sign there? Then the transition back to the Main riff is quite harsh, and the transition to the last chorus is... well, you know that already (that part of the skeleton was quite hard!). The outro ends the song nicely though.

So there you have it. I’d give you a 3/5 w/ penalties and 4/5 for the song. Or maybe 3.5 and 4.5, but I’m not a judge, so it doesn’t matter!

Posted by Vathek  {{ 2 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 03 Sep 2009 19:18

Rated as: Unrated
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