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TAB   "Endeavor"  -  6  COMMENTS  -  PAGE 1
Endeavor      [GP5]   [185 hits]   [Version: 2]   [Id: 106251]
Artist: Open Competition Oct/Nov 2009
File Size: 138.8 KB     Number of Tracks: 7
Submitted by: Daslaf  (All tabs)  on 14 Oct 2009 17:16, commenting:
Daslaf Goes Metal and then joins a band of french hippies
Validated by Generis Humani on 15 Oct 2009 13:11


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First of all your song sounds pretty innovative and solid to me. You perfectly know what you´re doing and there´s a lot of experience obviously to see. You made a fantastic job in mixing this whole midi thing into an enjoyable song (most people here seem to know a lot about the midi software btw).
Your whole song reminds me somehow on brainstorm or communic stuff, what is a pretty good thing (at least for me :D ).

From the beginning on you create a pretty catching atmosphere. The vocals are awesome and the lyrics fit perfectly.
Though there isn´t any riff that´s a highlight per se, but it´s a good thing, ´cause this way you managed to keep the atmossphere you raised up.
The only negative things I have to mention are your climax and your solo.
I think the climax is a bit to crowded and the solo too proggy. These parts rip the mood apart someway. Not in a drastical way, but there is space to improve the thing.

But non the less this is an awesome song. One of the best compositions I heard for long.

Final rating I´ll give after hearing all songs.

Posted by Donkey of Steel  {{ 8 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 22 Oct 2009 17:51

Rated as: Unrated
Well daslaf, you impress me once again.

I'm not sure if the intro to this song is genius or a false step, because basically for the first 12 bars of this song I was seriously doubting I would enjoy this piece, and then at bar 16 I got kicked in the face and told to shut up and listen, and well, I didn't lose attention until the end =).

The Pre-Verse particularly stuck out as Daslaf style, the punches and transition into the vocals, very proggy and very you. That's one thing I particularly like about your music, it's a relatively unique to you style of prog, and often I dislike a lot of progressive music because it tends to copy dream theater all too much. I lack that impression in your music, and I'm glad.

The vocal line comes in strong and stays throughout as a solid leading staple for the music, very well implemented and really solidifies the song.

The variations of your riffs are all very well thought of, nice variation in dynamic and leading melodic line, yet you can always relate to the previous incarnation, it's a great way to implement hooks into your song and really makes the entire thing stick in your head, without being repetitive.

Slow part is greatly integrated, very nicely done. Gives a nice break and is very pleasant to listen to.

The climax, as Donkey of Steel said, could have been better though, and I get the impression that it's much too stacatto, too dry. The solo was fair enough but I moreso considered it a lead line than a solo - that being said, I don't change my thought of the song because of that.

Nice crossfade, but I get the impression some chords ring kind of strange at first. The tonal change could have been done better, in my opinion.

Well, overall I had a lot of points to critique, but that's because there's a lot of great material and a lot of points to make. Still, wonderful song, I really liked it.

4 stars, well deserved.

Posted by JazzDeath  {{ 22 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 27 Oct 2009 17:39

Rated as: Unrated
I really liked the bass in the intro. Then Daslafism kicked in at measure 17 which wasn't a bad thing, it never is lol. Honestly I have no criticisms on this piece other than that it's a little long for my taste. But this song had everything. Good riffs, good solo's, dramatic vocals, good sounding time changes as always. Another epic from Daslaf. Another good thing about all you pieces is that it's like a story, a good well plotted story. Maybe one day I'll be able to throw this much imagination into my music.

Posted by daniel9388  {{ 33 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 07 Nov 2009 03:03

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The Intro is really good. I think you created some good, some awesome "counterpointed" (let´s call them that way) melodies all along your song, and the intro is not the exception. Maybe my favorite in the intro is the bass line, it´s really good. 15-16 measures makes a great, unexpected transition.
Since there, all flows congruently, in a not-complex but nothing-simple way that pleases the ear, and that´s what matters at the end. The verses feels good, complete but not saturated. I had to say that lyrically the song has it´s moments, but in a general idea I didn´t liked the lyrics. But, I had to accept that a really strong, dramatic and intense feeling appear to me from your PreChorus-Chorus
section, that in a previous, instrumental way, didn´t happened. The Riff, although repetitive, it´s
really cool.
The "fall" from the 2nd Riff to the Preverse is my favorite part of the song, including the slow part. In the Climax, I have to say that didn´t like the way the tempo goes up,and i think that the solo wasn´t at the height of the accompaniment and arrangements that you made for that part. Finally the Outro, maybe too long for me, well, until the bells came in, they fixed the outro (from my perspective)
´cause what came in after the solo wasn´t as good as another parts of the song. But wasn´t bad either.

I´ll give 4 stars to your song, And now I have met a little bit of the "Daslafism" that Daniel9388 mentioned, and it sounds great. Keep it that way.

Posted by Colochinni  {{ 5 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 13 Nov 2009 00:20

Rated as: Unrated
When I first heard this piece there were a few things that bugged me slightly, and I believe I told you so, but I won't bother mentioning them here because, as I gave it more listens, all of that went away and the song got really stuck on my head, I remember playing the outro riff mentally all afternoon this one day... xD I guess this is the mark of great songs, and this is one of them, my favourite from the comp.

The intro... I'll contradict Jazz and say this is Daslafism too, a chord choice that seems odd at first but it's good. Reminds me a bit of Nails and the song formerly known as "for Shannon". The harpsichord is a cool unexpected touch.

Then... boom, here comes the metal. Again unexpected, but it's a good surprise. Despite not being overly heavy, it keeps some real power throughout, and catchiness is the key - the way you manage to create themes that are original without being exceedingly technical and complicated, and that stick. The verses are good, the chorus is great (beautiful vocal harmonies throughout). The part labelled "riff" got me thinking for a while, that Ab major switching to Bsus2... a case of dissonance that I'm not so sure how cool it was. But I got used to it.

Slow part is sweet, not much to say about it really. Climax was slightly unxpected once again, switches to a Spanish kinda theme (despite your comment about "french hippies".. xD), but it works suprisingly well to me at least. The guitar solo starts great, I'm not so sure about bar 189, kinda odd rhythm there. Anyway, the only thing I think is that it was a bit short. I would have kept it going for a bit longer, maybe shreddier in the end, and then fade to outro. No biggie though. :P

Well, you know by now what I think of the outro. xD

Overall, great job, your best since Trial of the Gods.

Rating: 4.5

Posted by |_JR_|  {{ 13 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 23 Nov 2009 03:25

Rated as: Unrated
Endeavor - Daslaf

Like Jazz, I found the song to be meh when I first listened to it. Pleasant, but wasn't leaving an impression until the vocals came in. They gave the verses a real dramatic feel, of whom to me, feel like a real strong point of the song. The vocals really made this song so much unbelievably better.

About the choruses - there's only really one thing that slightly gets at me with them - the first track. I dunno, maybe I'm just being picky or something, but the overdriven guitar part really nudges me in an irritating fashion. Unfortunately, I can't really explain it in terms of theory, but I believe it's something to do with the intervals, in the scope of the two guitars combined. Just annoys me a little, but I think that's more me than anything.

Ah, I liked the Slow Part a lot. It was nice and relaxing - and I can just imagine how the vocals in that part would sound. Nice songwriting there.

Now, the Climax didn't quite start feeling like a climax until bar 181. Which in turn only lasted for two or three bars. Then things had a *relative* cooldown for the guitar solo. I think the lack of distortion was something to do with it - considering the energy of the previous verses and choruses (the meat of the song, imo), it didn't feel like what it was intended to be.

I had no problems with the remaining sections that I've neglected to mention - they were all fine. I guess the only real thing I have left to say is that... I dunno. It's lacking that little extra something that makes me go "WOW".

4 stars.

Posted by Quibokk  {{ 16 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 25 Nov 2009 04:09

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