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TAB   "The Departure"  -  4  COMMENTS  -  PAGE 1
The Departure      [GP4]   [289 hits]   [Version: 1]   [Id: 106279]
Artist: Open Competition Oct/Nov 2009
File Size: 115.7 KB     Number of Tracks: 16
Submitted by: Colochinni  (All tabs)  on 28 Oct 2009 03:30, commenting:
Volume controls for all the instruments was preety hard, but I did my best ;) Hope you enjoy it!
Validated by Generis Humani on 29 Oct 2009 08:25


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The Departure - Colochinni

I am in two minds about this, which makes it really hard to rate.

This is VERY well arranged, easily the best example of it in the entire comp. But, the problem for me is that I find it to be all style, and no substance, to be quite frank. I can't remember anything from the whole song, it just melds all together in my head into a mess. There's nothing I can really point out as being excellent - everything is of the same level of quality, I feel.
There is one thing I can say, though - the tango accordian on 54 - 57 is inspired. That was really the only thing I remembered when listening to this for the first time, and that was also because I made note of it.
What this song needs is a standout section, I reckon.

So, incredibly well arranged, you have props for that, and the ideas are adequate - ie. not downright "bad" so to speak, but they fail to leave any lasting impression.

3.5 stars.

Posted by Quibokk  {{ 16 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 25 Nov 2009 04:09

Rated as: 
Weeell... certainly nobody can criticize your orchestral skills, not a lot of people can put together 16 tracks and not make it sound like a freakin mess (I certainly can't :P). You create an awesome atmosphere throughout, with every track has its role, and most of the technical aspects are top-notch... however, I see Quibokk's point - the intrincate orchestrations hide some weaker points.

Starting with the intro - those time sigs sound slightly forced, especially the 7/8 bars in the beginning, I'd say change those to 4/4 to get some more structural stability. Transition to Main Riff is a bit abrupt, a drumroll in the previous bar could be helpful, or at least have something fade in. As for the riff itself... well, the orchestral parts like harp, choir, etc. are what really gives it life and makes it work - the riff guitar and bass are pretty basic, giving it just some extra power, and it's ok, but a more interesting rhythm section might have worked wonders. This can be said from pretty much the whole song.

I have to compliment you on your acoustic sections, with those extremely Latin-influenced licks, fit like a glove, and are probably the most "expressive" thing of this song. Also that interlude.. haha, nice idea, once again very Latin, but gloomy Latin as Donkey said, sweet stuff xD

The solos are very nice too, the interplay between keyboard and guitar, and the whole chord progression in that part... and the outro, probably the best of all emotion-wise (truly encasing the route of woe).. in the end, only that main riff didn't speak to me, which hurts a little, being the part that's supposed to be catchy and all...

But overall, I'm definitely looking out for more of your stuff, you have lots of talent. This was perhaps not quite as memorable as one would like, and (I think) still not the best you can do, but nevertheless a great effort.

Rating: 4

Posted by |_JR_|  {{ 13 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 25 Nov 2009 12:55

Rated as: Unrated
...well, you're good with orchestration. and like just about any person who focuses on orchestration, you fall into the trap of forgetting about CONTENT. the song is properly technically written, sporting composing precision and tight arrangements, but its more-less about... well... nothing. somehow, not a single memorable melody stood out, no catchy rhythm, no intricate chord progression. nothing. I just listened to this song twice, and I dont remember anything from it... anyway, some hints - you've got the orchestration down, now be the second epics composer (after good ole djoule) to go from empty gargantuan shape to full gargantuan shape, knocking some jaws to the floor. referencing to "the wandering mouse" for some possible suggestions on how to do it ;]


Posted by RumpyTheRubbuhChikin  {{ 30 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 28 Nov 2009 12:34

Rated as: 
Nice interlude, main riff varation has a nice idea.
Change colors, please ;p though i don`t uderstand the style (it`s kinda mix of many genres?). Difficult to rate.
Maybe 3.0 is a low rate for this structure but it`s not my genre to analise it, feel more emotions.

Posted by 35au1  {{ 3 tabs / 0 corrections }}  on: 30 Nov 2009 15:40

Rated as: Unrated
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