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June 2, 2016 10:06 pm

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man-made plates

man-made plates are tight on the edge of the formaldehyde emission has little effect, because even closed tight, also sustained release formaldehyde, but the unit of time more slowly. The edge is damaged, the release rate is accelerated it, the actual total amount of formaldehyde engineered wood products in china released by basically the same. Luo xin indicates a greater impact on the aesthetics of the edge, and the other edge rigorous prevent swelling after water sheet, edge up phenomenon occurs.
saying: MDF furniture to choose?
  At present, most use particleboard furniture are made of, but a statement circulated on the network, the same artificial board, MDF furniture made in environmental protection and usability for a better, even if more expensive, but also use plastic decking in aruba made of MDF furniture.
  Experts say: Particleboard and MDF both man-made boards are commonly used materials for making furniture, but both in performance and there are some differences, in general, the greater the advantage particleboard. First, the MDF is a wood fiber plus the amount of adhesive made from man-made sheet. Its density, suitable for multi-surface machining, high cost, and particleboard is wood shavings along with glue into the repression.
It is characterized by good nail holding power, low coefficient of expansion, a good amount of free formaldehyde control, the amount of sizing than the MDF small, but is only suitable for plane processing.
  In general, the use of particleboard furniture is enough only Particleboard is not easy lowest maintenance wood deck resurface to part with machined MDF can assist. If the furniture is very wasteful use MDF.
  How to choose a decoration sheet
  In addition to making furniture for particleboard and MDF, as well as two types of artificial boards that we often use in decoration - plywood, Daxin Ban. However, products on the market varies greatly, how do we distinguish eyes cons? See Expert Weapon.


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